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What is adaptive eye care?

Adaptive testing is taking the normal test procedure and adapting it specifically to the limitations and abilities of the patient.

Who might need adaptive eye care?

Adaptive eye care might be needed in the case of a post trauma case, a stroke survivor, pediatric or adult developmentally delayed patient, young children, elderly, or psychiatric patients.

What specialized training do you have for treat patients who need adaptive care?

We have the ability to check the vision of patients that may not be able to respond to normal testing situations. For example, my examination chair can be adapted so that the patient does not have to move from their wheelchair to be examined. I have the ability to assess visual acuity without patients verbally responding.

What do you do to make patients comfortable?

Aside from my chair-side manner, much of how I structure patient's’ experiences to be comfortable lies in the office setup.

Our office space is unique in that it is an open concept space. I know that many patients feel overwhelmed by the close space of an examination room and are more comfortable in the larger space—my office’s layout addresses that discomfort and I’ve heard great things about it.

Everything about my space is intended to be welcoming to families. Parents can have children with them safely anywhere in my office. On top of it all, we have a play area that includes your typical puzzles and books, but also a tent, so kids are entertained.